Maputo Bypass Road Project


With a total length of 74.03km, Maputo Bypass Project connects with N1, N2, N4 and other radiating roads in Maputo City, and is a new Class A national highway of Mozambique.

Thies-Touba Toll Highway Project in Senegal


Located on the southwestern plain of Senegal, the project is about 113km long in total. It is built according to the construction standard for the fully-enclosed expressway with dual two lanes and the designed speed of 130km/h.

Tamatave 博狗bodog娱乐集团 -Municipal Works


Tamatave 博狗bodog娱乐集团 -Municipal Works in Madagascar is invested by Madagascar Road Maintenance Fund, and was completed on October 20, 2008.

Los Granados Overpass Project of Quito City


The Project involves the construction of two underground passages that connect with the crossed intersection of ELOY ALFARO Avenue and GRANADOS Avenue, and a passage that connects with T intersection of ELOY ALFARO Avenue and RIO COCA Avenue.

Macao Cotai Roundabout Pedestrian Overpass


Cotai Roundabout Pedestrian Overpass is located at Cotai Strip where new hotels and modern buildings centralizing. The steel box girder main bridge crosses over 5 main roads with heavy traffic flow with total length over 300m. There are 5 entrances with one lift and one escalator equipped for each entrance.

博狗bodog娱乐集团 -Municipal
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